Why Choose the Grammer MSG95 DDS (Dynamic Damping System) Suspension

GRAMMER has launched a number of new DDS (Dynamic Damping System) suspension seats.  So what is so special about this DDS suspension and why does GRAMMER keep talking about it? The performance of this suspension has a lower natural…

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Grammer the exclusive supplier for a leading US producer of material handling equipment

Grammer, one of the leading international suppliers of components for passenger vehicle interiors and seats for commercial vehicles, has gained a new key-account customer for its seating systems. In the future, a leading producer of…

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Distributor Spotlight - Sunsource

Continuing with our Distributor Spotlight blog series, find out more about Sunsource! SunSource is one of North America's leading fluid power distribution companies, providing products, services and information in seats, hydraulics,…

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Ergomechanics Congress 2017 - Research meets Application

The 3rd GRAMMER Ergomechanics Congress was held at the ACC in Amberg on September 26, 2017. Under the motto “Research meets Application”, 14 highly regarded speakers engaged in an interdisciplinary exchange on topics relating to spinal and…

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Distributor Spotlight - Darby Manufacturing

Continuing with our Distributor Spotlight blog series, find out more about one of our Grammer Award Winning Distributors, Darby Manufacturing!Darby Manufacturing is the oldest and largest GRAMMER distributor in North America. Our goal is to…

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Distributor Spotlight - Industrial Seats (United Group)

To give all of our loyal Grammer users and operators more information on our Distributors, we have decided to share with you Distributor Spotlights.  A Distributor will be showcased each month on why our valued customers should choose them…

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Grammer is Organizing a Congress for Spine Research for the Third Time

Grammer AG, a global supplier of components for passenger vehicle interiors and commercial vehicles seating systems, will be holding Ergomechanics®, an interdisciplinary congress that is internationally unique in this form, for the third…

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Grammer is at the White House!

Grammer is proud to see our MSG65/531 seat being used at the White House to maintain their pristine lawn.Our valued customer, The Grasshopper Company, represented the state of Kansas at the "Made in America" Product Showcase hosted by…

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How to Choose Your Ideal Offroad Seat – Suspension Functions

The How to Choose Your Ideal Offroad Seat continues with suspension functions.  Suspensions can include a number of different features or accessories, depending on the application for the suspension and also the type of suspension.These…

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How to Choose Your Ideal Offroad Seat – Seat Tops

I hope you enjoyed the first installment of How to Choose Your Ideal Offroad Seat where we talked in detail about suspensions.  There are many varieties of suspensions available so the choices can be overpowering.  The same can be said when…

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GIE 2016 MSG65/531 Seat Winner

Grammer requested dealers and end users to complete a short survey at the GIE show in Louisville, KY.  We had many participants completing the survey allowing us to gather important information.  We greatly appreciate those who took part in…

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Best in Class: The MSG65/75 Success Story

It takes innovative technology to ensure a comfortable, ergonomic workplace for turf equipment operators. And with over a million units sold so far, the MSG65/75 seat family is one of the Grammer Group’s most successful seat series. Today,…

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