Once you experience the comfort of an air suspension, there's no going back.  It's easy to make the little adjustments you need to create the smoothest riding experience possible.  The MSG 93 features narrow suspension with the added luxury of air-ride comfort.


  • Narrow air suspension (12V compressor) - ideal for limited spaces like small tractors
  • Suspension stroke up to 3.1 in. (80 mm)
  • Weight adjustment range - up ot 285 lbs. (130 kg)
  • Fore/aft adjustment  - accommodates all body sizes/types
  • Height adjustment
  • Lumbar support - easily adjusts for optimal back support and comfort
  • Backrest extension
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Adjustable or foldable armrests
  • Document box or net
  • Operator presence switch
  • Dual Motion - allows the upper backrest extension to adjust and support the body when twisting around to face backward
  • Swivel (0° to 360°) - allows for better view of rear equipment and improved cab mobility
  • Low back seat top options available in three widths