50% of all professionals are seated during worktime. That means their motion is restricted.

As experts on seats, we make sure that you feel good – backed by our experience and expertise. Good health, safety, and comfort are the primary criteria for developing user-friendly products that are made for and matched to people. On this basis, we apply the strictest ergonomic and safety standards.

The GRAMMER name stands for innovative concepts. And we remain committed to this principal for the future as well. We are market leaders and trendsetters in the field of seating for vehicles. Our efforts consistently focus on meeting the needs and wishes of drivers.



The term ergomechanics displays the connection between seat ergonomics and biomechanics. This interaction and influences in both directions is an important fact with respect to the development of driver seats. The human and its individual needs take the center stage in this field.

Our company is in close contact with famous scientists from different types of research areas. Every year the GRAMMER Award is donated to an outstanding scientist of spinal research. Already two times GRAMMER invited all the worldwide experts to discuss about sitting in vehicles. The Ergomechanics® Congress is a unique event you can´t find anywhere else.  


We develop our products for people. Their satisfaction and health are key factors for enabling them to continue performing efficiently on a long-term basis. An optimum, appropriate work environment keeps drivers healthy and motivated, in addition to helping them concentrate. In this section, we provide you with up-to-date information on health-related topics. 

Back aches frequently cause days of work to be missed. Health issues of this kind typically persist over a long period of time and cause problems not only for the afflicted individuals themselves, but for everyone else around them. For large companies and family-owned enterprises alike, when an employee misses work it puts more pressure on other staff and greatly increases costs. So take a moment for your health and prevent problems by correctly adjusting your seat: it will take a load off you and your back. In the long term, it will pay off handsomely for everyone concerned. Adjust your seat to a comfortable, safe position for driving. Also make a big effort to regularly vary your posture within the sensible adjustment range. If you are already suffering from back pain, make sure that you are using an ergonomic driver seat. 

A good seat reduces the vibrations to which persons sitting in a vehicle are exposed. The seat and its suspension determine the physical stresses, and specifically the amplitude, frequency, and duration of vibrations, that a driver is subjected to in a given vehicle on a particular road surface. Body posture and support also influence the vibration load. Vibrations are especially dangerous when sitting greatly bent over or when the torso is rotated (e.g. when driving backward) or leaning to one side (e.g. when driving a tractor on a slope).


Due to technical development, more and more functions can be integrated into the seat. Next to that no driver reads the manual – this has been shown in GRAMMER usability studies. These studies clarified that important and health related functions are not used or even used in a wrong way. That´s the reason why GRAMMER starts every new development with a usability study. In the beginning of a new product development phase, an important question rises up: which functions are used and how can we present them in a way that the driver understands intuitively how to adjust the seat.

Based on that knowledge we developed our own philosophy "Design for use“. "Design for use“ displays an intuitive, easy to learn concept of set adjustments. Every handle has to tell its own story (how can the driver use me, what does my position mean) and has to be distinctive. Next to that the feedback of the handle and the system has to be taken into account. This philosophy was first presented in a truck seat. The usability study also showed that health related functions has to be adjusted automatically, which is available on GRAMMER's Evolution series seats.