The GRAMMER brand stands for mobile comfort and safety.  What drives us is a passion for creating quality seating solutions for people who use vehicles as one of their primary work tools.  Products from GRAMMER Seating Systems continuously set high standards and raise the bar.  Our inventions lead the way and they include; air suspension, fully automatic adjustment to the driver's weight guaranteeing a relaxed and healthy seating position while at work, active seat climatization which carries away the body perspiration, and a host of other seating solution patents.


At GRAMMER, we believe it's more than just delivering you a seat -- it's delivering you an innovative seating solution.  What seating problem can GRAMMER solve for you today?

Customer Testimonials

Check out a few of our great customers speaking on Grammer products:


Thank you Grammer for the seats you manufacture.

The factory seats we had on our machines are just not good enough for what we do.  Our employees are expected to mow for 8 hours a day and just could not handle it with the existing seats.  We swapped out our seats with the Grammer manufactured ones and what a difference it made.  Our operator's did not complain on the ride after switching, making for a happier and more productive employee.  I think with all the adjustments on the seat made a huge difference.  Air suspension, lumbar support, head rest and the armrests all being adjustable was the key.  We would definitely pay more for the seat; it would pay for itself in a week of work.

Golf Course Groundskeeper


Thank you Grammer for making my employees happier!

Since we took the factory seats off our zero turn mowers and installed the seats from Grammer, our employees have been happier.  They don't feel as stiff after a day of mowing.  Seats can be adjusted easily in the field to create a different ride.  This changes positioning of the body to allow for a more productive employee.  I would definitely pay extra for these seats.  The operator doesn't have to get off the mower as often to stretch and this creates a more productive day of mowing.  Keep up the good work!  You have a great product.

Golf Course Superintendent


Thanks again for your help, you guys make a great product and you have provided me with excellent customer service!  Great job!