In Amberg, Germany, worldwide headquarters for GRAMMER AG, they have understood for a number of years the significance of good seating as it relates to improving the occupational health problems of lower back disorders in operators of material handling machines, such as forklifts.

In the United States, studies are just beginning on lower back disorders in the workplaces of machine operators and the impact that poor seating has on both workforce attendance as well as an employer’s bottom line.

GRAMMER is ahead of these studies already and has already established the bar for what innovative seating solutions for all forms of equipment should be equipped with:  built-in shock absorbers, adjustable backrest angle with setting range from -10 to +34 degrees, weight adjustment, and lumbar support just to name a few.

Driving a forklift truck is a demanding job. Their operators spend eight hours or more a day making sure that heavy loads are precisely, safely and effectively moved. Especially in the limited space available on a forklift truck, it is extremely important to design the operator cabin according to ergonomic criteria. Among other things, it has to be possible to adjust the forklift seat to each user’s body size. With its large selection of products for forklift trucks, innovation and technology leader GRAMMER has accepted this challenge.

Isn’t it time you took a look at what GRAMMER seats can do for your bottom line?