Distributor Spotlight - Darby Manufacturing

Continuing with our Distributor Spotlight blog series, find out more about one of our Grammer Award Winning Distributors, Darby Manufacturing!

Darby Manufacturing is the oldest and largest GRAMMER distributor in North America. Our goal is to provide our customers with great GRAMMER products and even greater Darby customer service.
Darby carries GRAMMER seats that can suit any possible application for any field including mining, construction, forestry, agriculture, turf, truck and the material handling industry.  Located in Sudbury, Ontario, Darby Manufacturing is ISO 9001:2008 certified giving you 100% guaranteed quality assurance every time! Not a local business? Not a problem, Darby not only deals with local clients but also international clients. There are no borders when it comes to great Darby/GRAMMER seating as Darby can arrange shipping anywhere in Canada, USA, or any international center.

Whether you need a seat straight out of the box, a seat adorned with accessories, or a customized seat for a unique application - Darby has you covered!  Our seating specialists know the ins and outs of GRAMMER seats and will be extremely happy to assist you find the perfect fit. They’ll even give you tips on how to install your GRAMMER seats and accessories. After all, customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Darby Manufacturing is proud to stock a wide variety of GRAMMER seats as well as a wide range of GRAMMER replacement parts and accessories (over 15,000 parts in stock).  Upgrading and replacing your industrial seating has never been so easy!

Can’t repair your seats yourself? Not sure where to start? Not a problem! Darby’s repair depot is at your service. Simply give us a call and send in your seat and we will provide you a free estimate and repair, scrap, or return the seat as you so desire.

Darby Manufacturing, your affordable, durable, versatile, comfortable GRAMMER industrial seating specialists.