Grammer the exclusive supplier for a leading US producer of material handling equipment

Grammer, one of the leading international suppliers of components for passenger vehicle interiors and seats for commercial vehicles, has gained a new key-account customer for its seating systems. In the future, a leading producer of material handling equipment will be supplied exclusively by Grammer in

the United States.  Starting from the beginning of 2018, the entire range of this US manufacturer will be fitted with innovative driver seating systems. The seating systems will be produced locally at Grammer’s plant in Tupelo, Mississippi. In addition to the high functionality and excellent product quality of the Grammer seating systems, the customer’s decision was particularly based on the fact that Grammer as a seating system specialist can produce and deliver the same high quality products throughout its own global plant network. With this major contract, Grammer’s share of the US market will widen from a single-digit percentage to around 25 percent.

“This partnership with a leading producer of material handling equipment in the United States is a great success for us and marks a major step forward in our efforts to widen our footprint in the United States. Grammer is superbly positioned internationally thanks to its own production facilities in the main economic regions.  We already supply the market leaders in material handling equipment from Europe and also the United States. The fact that we are now addressing one quarter of the US market with our products is particularly gratifying for us,” says Hartmut Müller, CEO of Grammer. “Given the cross-border consolidation of the market for material handling equipment, we want to grow with our customers outside the American market as well.”

Leading producer of innovative integrated seating systems for offroad 

Increased human/machine networking and, hence, the rising demands being made of the driver, are calling for optimized cockpit functionality. Consequently, as many controls for vehicle functions as possible are being placed directly in the driver seat and the armrest. With its “Operator Systems”, Grammer offers integrated solutions built into the driver seat and a multi-functional armrest connected firmly to the seat to directly incorporate a wide variety of different functions and seat adjustment controls. As well as this, the seats developed by Grammer feature the latest results

from scientific and ergonomic research.  

New-generation seats offering even greater comfort

Grammer has developed a new-generation seat for forklift trucks in particular featuring even more functions and providing an ergonomic and comfortable driving position. The newly developed seat top combined with the low-profile suspension has resulted in a substantially lower seat index point. This means that nearly all types of material handling equipment can be fitted with the premium seat together with its numerous comfort functions. Looking forward, these seating systems will also be delivered to Grammer’s new key-account customer in the United States.