Why Choose the Grammer MSG95 DDS (Dynamic Damping System) Suspension

GRAMMER has launched a number of new DDS (Dynamic Damping System) suspension seats.  So what is so special about this DDS suspension and why does GRAMMER keep talking about it? 

The performance of this suspension has a lower natural frequency compared to standard air suspensions due to its advanced valve technology for improved damping customization.  This allows the DDS suspension to achieve the highest performance of a passive suspension system.  The final result is a cost effective solution with high performance characteristics.

Additionally, GRAMMER continues its sleek design as we tuck the extra air reservoir inside the supension which allows for cab space allowance compared to many competitors where the air reservoir is outside the suspension.  This external reservoir can make it challenging when installing the seat in the cab.

We hope this helps you understand the quality and value of the DDS suspension seats we have made available in the Aftermarket.  

The following DDS seats are available in the Aftermarket:

PN 1292757 DRV SEAT,MSG95GL/741,12V,MAX DDS,PKG-1 (brown cloth)
PN 1398397 DRV SEAT,MSG95GL/741,12V,MAX DDS,PKG-1 (gray mordura)
PN 1412191 DRV SEAT,MSG95GL/741,12V,C&S,PKG-1 (red leatherette)

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