Resources on Operating & Repairing Your GRAMMER Seat

GRAMMER seat operating instruction
GRAMMER seat repair manuals

We have experienced many equipment operators, whether they be driving tractors, mowers, trucks, excavators, or forklifts, who are unaware of how to operate their GRAMMER seat.  With a little knowledge on seat functions, the seat can be customized to fit your body and preferences; and you can experience a much more comfortable and ergonomic ride in your machine.

Back aches frequently cause days of work to be missed.  Health issues of this kind typically persist over a long period of time and cause problems not only for the afflicted individuals themselves, but for everyone around them.  For large companies and family-owned enterprises alike, when an employee misses work it puts more pressure on other staff and greatly increases costs.  So take a moment for your health and prevent problems by correctly adjusting your seat: it will take a load off you and your back.  Adjust your seat to a comfortable, safe position for driving.  Also make a big effort to regularly vary your posture within the sensible adjustment range.  If you are already suffering from back pain, make sure that you are using an ergonomic driver seat.

We list our Operator's Instructions of all GRAMMER seats on our website.  You can find them on each individual product page or you can find a complete list of them here.  These operator instructions can be found in English and multiple other languages, like German or French.

 - MSG65 - How to operate weight adjustment
 - MSG75 - How to operate weight adjustment
 - MSG85 - How to operate weight adjustment
 - MSG85 - How to operate height adjustment
 - MSG95G(L) - How to operate weight and height adjustment
 - MSG95A(L) or MSG97A(L) - How to operate weight and height adjustment
 - MSG85/95/97 - How to operate seat depth/tilt
 - Kingman truck seat - How to operate all features

Watch for more videos on operating functions coming soon!

Now, what if you have to complete a repair on your GRAMMER seat?  Where do you turn?  You can find comprehensive repair manuals on our site as well.  They can all be found here.

Plus, we have nearly 50 videos on our site showing how to make installations (like adding armrests, seatbelts, seat depth/tilt, swivel, or operator presence switches) or repairs to your GRAMMER seat.

We hope you find these resources helpful and can come back to them when you need them.  If you have any questions regarding our GRAMMER seats, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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