Upgrade Your GRAMMER Seat with Heated Cushions - Winter is Coming . . .

We all know it's coming, even if we don't want to believe it - winter is coming.  With that, comes those cold, windy, harsh days out in the field.  Make sure the seat in your cab gives you all the create comforts you could want to work at your prime this winter, including heated cushions.

Benefits of heated cushions:
•  Heated seats allow you to quickly and efficiently heat up your machine, keeping you comfortable while the rest of your vehicle warms
•  If you struggle with chronic lower back pain or sciatica, heated seats may also help you to soothe your symptoms as you drive
•  This added feature may also boost the value of your equipment upon trade-in or sale

Heated cushions are very easy to install in your existing GRAMMER seat as well as being quite inexpensive.  No need to replace your whole seat - just replace the cushions at a minimal cost.  Follow the links below to see how easy it is to replace your cushions with heated cushions:

Interested in upgrading your machine to include the comfort of heated cushions?  Call us today at 715-377-4566.  Talk to you soon!