Modularity - GRAMMER Key Feature

MODULARITY is a key feature in the GRAMMER product line.  The same GRAMMER seat top can be used across all four suspensions illustrated here plus more.  This versatility enables GRAMMER replacement seats and components to fit in a wide variety of Agriculture, Construction, Material Handling, and Turf equipment.

This simple video only shows one seat top with four suspensions, as an example.  The combinations far expand this.  A high back seat top could easily be used in this video just the same.  Varying seat tops can be used with mechanical or air suspensions, narrow or wide suspensions, low profile or full profile suspensions, and so on.

The M in our product names MSG actually standard for Modular.  The mixing and matching options are ideal to find the right seat for your application.

M = Modular
S = Seat
G = Group

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