Grammer Launches the MSG87

Grammer's newest addition to our product line is the MSG87.  This new wide, heavy duty, mechanical suspension is comparable to the MSG97 in which a weight adjustment range of 110-400 pounds is possible.  This new, rugged seat really completes Grammer's high-end product portfolio rounding out a mechanical version of our already outstanding MSG97.

Features of the MSG87 include:

  • Mechanical, heavy duty and extra-wide suspension providing hardworking comfort
  • Suspension stroke up to 7.0 in.
  • Weight adjustment range - 110-400 lbs.
  • Fore/aft adjustment - accommodates all body sizes/types
  • Height adjustment up to 3.1 in.
  • Lumbar support - easily adjusts for optimal back support and comfort
  • Adjustable headrest or backrest extension
  • Swivel (0° to 360°) - allows for better view of rear equipment and improved cab mobility
  • Retractable seat belt - 2-point, 3-point, or 4-point
  • Seat depth/tilt - four adjustable positions to reduce pressure on the backs of knees
  • Adjustable or foldable armrests
  • Document box or net
  • Side-to-side isolator
  • Fore/aft isolator - dramatically reduces horizontal vibrations and prevents jolts from jarring the back
  • Operator presence switch
  • Control carrier console - offers easy access t joystick controls
  • Multi-functional armrest - feature four or five fingertip controls, six switches, and an emergency OFF button
  • High back and low back seat top options available

Contact a Distributor to inquire on price and availability.