Grammer Launches MSG283

Grammer is now offering a refreshed version of the narrow MSG83 seat called MSG283.  This new suspension has been simplified to 3 metal parts compared to 21 in the original MSG83 design.

Below are details on the new suspension:

  • Meets vibration classes EG 78/764: I + II
  • Reduction of components from 21 to 3 metal parts for increased process capability
  • Resulting in a production process with no welding required
  • Final conclusion:  A more cost competitive product for our customers

The MSG283/531 is the perfect product for small, utility tractor applications where space is at a premium.  Despite its small dimensions, it boasts all standard seat and operating features along with a robust mechanical suspension.

Seat specifications:

  • Narrow mechanical suspension
  • 70 mm suspension stroke
  • Height adjustment of 60 mm
  • Weight adjustment range of 110 - 290 pounds
  • Fore/aft adjustment - accommodates all body sizes/types
  • Backrest extension
  • Retractable seat belt
  • Adjustable or foldable armrests
  • Document box or net
  • Operator presence switch
  • Lumbar support
  • 511, 521, or 531 seat top possibilities

Please contact your Grammer Account Manager to discuss possibilities in your equipment applications.