Grammer Introduces 500 Series Cut & Sew - View in 3D!

Grammer is introducing a new feature to the 500 series seat top with cut and sew style cushions. This cushion style helps our customers customize the seat to fit in with their brand image and differentiate from their competition.

Cushion colors in this new style can be of limitless combinations.  Whatever color scheme has been chosen for the machine, Grammer can design the seat to either blend in or add a dramatic flare.  Varying colors, textures, logos, and piping accent colors are at your disposal.

The new cushions can be added to any Grammer seat with a 500 series seat top.  This can be included on a MSG65, MSG75, MSG83, or MSG93 suspension.

To give you a more "life like" viewing of these new cushions, please view the 3D photos available for both the MSG65/531 Cut & Sew and MSG75G/531 Cut & Sew.