Grammer Exhibits at ProMat in Chicago, IL

Grammer exhibited at ProMat in Chicago, IL, March 23-26.  The show was a great venue for networking opportunities and to launch new Grammer products to the Material Handling industry.

So what's new with Grammer?

- Dual Motion is an adaptive back support allowing for easy mobility in our seat while facing backwards.  This new features sets new standards in seating comfort and ergonomics - for your back's sake!  To find out more, click here.

- Medium Multi-Functional Armrest is a collaborative product between Grammer and Grammer Electronics. Much interest was shown in this new seat accessory at ProMat.  It's compact, ergonomic design enhances operator comfort and convenience while improving the overall cab.  See the photo above.  Click here to find out more.

- Cut and Sew Cushions are a new addition to the Grammer line.  This new design is meant to be aesthetically pleasing and to allow for design freedom by our customers to enhance their brand.  Variations in the cut and sew cushions can include different fabrics and textures, fabric colors, piping colors, and logos.  See photo above for a variation displayed at ProMat.

Please contact your Grammer Account Manager to discuss any of these new features in more detail.