“Comfort that never quits”

GRAMMER seats are designed ultimately for the people who use them.  Maximum comfort and intuitive operation are therefore major design principles.  For years, GRAMMER has worked intimately with leading scientists researching the human spine.  These findings then flow directly into our product development.  You can feel it in every seat we design.  After all, the operator shouldn’t fit the seat; the seat should fit the operator.

GRAMMER seats have been at the forefront of modern day tractor seat improvements; from isolation of WBV (whole-body vibration), to multiple seat adjustments, to 5-position lumbar supports, just to name a few.  All have been critical to the overall profitability of small to large operations by reducing machine downtime.  These improvements help to decrease lower back pain, thereby keeping the driver comfortable and at peak operating performance. 

With the turf market employing over 1MM+ people, GRAMMER understands the importance of keeping that workforce productive and healthy. GRAMMER's industry-leading technology includes intuitive controls allowing operators to assume ergonomically optimum sitting positions.  GRAMMER seats are the seat of choice.  

Consistent implementation of GRAMMER’s “Design For Use” philosophy helps ensure that large construction equipment operators enjoy a smoother, safer experience.  This can go a long way to reducing back strain due to whole body vibration - which translates in to a more profitable operation for all.

More than 21% of annual workforce back injuries occur in the transportation and handling industries, according to the 2005 National Safety Council Report.  GRAMMER seat features include electropneumatic quick weight adjustment, lumbar support, and adjustable backrest angle to help promote a healthy workforce.